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Pet birds can be excellent companion animals, and are a popular addition to families.  Provided they are properly cared for and are provided with an interesting and spacious environment that includes regular adequate exercise (free flight within a safe enclosed environment), birds can live a very healthy, vigorous, and fit life.

Signs of illness can be subtle in birds and birds often display a ‘preservation instinct’ which means that they can sometimes appear healthy despite being very ill. Veterinary advice should always be sought immediately if you suspect that your bird is unwell or if your bird shows any sign of being unwell.

Pigeon Mix

Pigeon Mix




Dunn peas, whole maize, sorghum, safflower, wheat, vegetable oil. NOW WITH ADDED PROTEXIN PROBIOTIC.


Green Valley Pigeon mix is made from all natural seed and with added oils for extra nutrition, ensuring your pigeons  have a tasty and healthy snack between meals.

Pack Sizes:

2kg, 5kg, 20kg


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