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Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing trend in Australia and it is not just people living in the country who enjoy raising chickens. More and more people living in more urban areas are enjoying the benefits. So why are chickens so popular? 

Chickens are easy, inexpensive pets with great benefits.  Backyard and free ranged hens produce eggs that are very nutritious and great tasting.  Chickens make fantastic pets for children and make a wonderful addition to the family. Free range chickens also help out in the garden, keeping bugs and weeds at bay whilst fertilizing the soil.  So why not get all the benefits from these wonderful animals and add a small flock to your family! 

Grower Crumble

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Grower Crumble


Large Crumble.




Nutritionally balanced ration for pullets from 7 weeks old to 13weeks of age. Designed to meet the energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirement for sound growth and development.  

Suitable For:

8 weeks - point of lay.

Pack Sizes:




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