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Guinea Pigs make ideal pets due to their small size, ease of care and quiet nature. Guinea pigs are sociable animals and should not be kept alone. They can happily be housed in colonies in a large, suitable enclosure. They often become very used to handling, especially if started at a young age, making them a favourite with children.

Guinea pigs are herbivores (they eat plant matter only) that would usually spend many hours a day foraging and grazing on grass in small herds. Their teeth grow continuously throughout life, so they need a diet high in roughage to encourage chewing. Chewing helps to wear down their teeth and prevent serious dental problems. Providing sufficient fibre in their diet is also very important for both their gastrointestinal system and general health.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets

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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets




Barley, maize meal, pea pollard, mill run, lime, lucerne meal.


Provides essential, high fibre ingredients, in an easy to feed pellet. Great for your rabbit's or guinea pig's digestive system and overall well-being. 

Pack Sizes:

2kg, 5kg, 20kg


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