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Green Valley Grains is proudly Australian made and owned. We pride ourselves on using only quality Australian grown ingredients - supporting hard working Aussie Farmers. The Green Valley Grains range is designed to deliver nutritionally superior products for your animals, providing quality feed sources to support their overall health and well-being.

Other straight grains in the Green Valley range (20kg) bags include: Triticale, sorghum, jap millet, white French millet, pannicum, safflower, plain canary seed and  Dunn Peas.

Maize / Corn

Maize / Corn


Available whole, cracked or meal.


High in energy maize is a popular concentrated grain particularly suitable for use with performance horses especially racehorses. Cracking the corn kernel increases palatability and digestibility. Maize is suitable as a supplementary feed for horses, cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs.  

Pack Sizes:

20kg, (2kg, 5kg Cracked Maize only)


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