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Like Guinea pigs, rabbits make fantastic family pets for small children.  There are about 30 breeds of rabbits, ranging in colours, shapes and sizes but all need similar care and attention. Having more than one pet rabbit is recommended as they are sociable animals and require companionship. Please ensure the area where rabbits or guinea pigs are kept will not become too hot as they are prone to heat stress which can be fatal..

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mix

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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mix


Loose mix.




Lucerne and oaten chaff, fibre pellets, steamed flaked oats, maize, lupin, black sunflower seeds, omega enriched canola oil, vitamin and chelated mineral mix.


Provides essential ingredients to your rabbit's or guinea pig's digestive system and overall well-being in a highly palatable muesli mix. 

Pack Sizes:

4kg, 10kg, 20kg


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